New York –> San Francisco

As Horace Greeley would say, "Go West, young man"

After eight wonderful years of living, working, and studying in New York City, this morning I officially moved back to my native California.  Subconsciously, this day has been coming for awhile (afterall, I never gave up my CA driver’s license despite having been gone since 1999), but it’s still very difficult to leave my amazing friends scattered throughout the Big Apple and all over the East Coast.

On Tuesday, I’ll start with Battery Ventures in their Menlo Park office.  I’ll write more about Battery and what I’ll be up to there in a future post, but I’m excited about the firm as well as returning to investing in and partnering with promising companies.

While filling boxes with winter clothes that I’ll likely never need again, I had plenty of time to reflect on everything that’s happened over the past eight years.  Since moving to New York immediately after college, I’ve lived in six different apartments with a total of ten different roommates (and eleven if you count me living solo).  I also estimate that I’ve jogged over 5,000 miles through the streets and parks of NYC, biked just under 2,500 miles, and walked more avenues than I could ever possibly recall.

I never made it to the Meadowlands (I suppose that’s New Jersey anyway) and wish I had taken better advantage of the theater scene (although I did see The Book of Mormon a few weeks ago and it was fantastic), but other than that I don’t have a single regret.  New York is an incredible place to live and I’m thankful I’ve had the opportunity to call it home for all of my professional life.  A big part of me will always be a New Yorker.

Well, New York City, we had a great run and I’ll miss you.  Save my stool at Old Town Bar because I’ll be back often, but in the meantime you can find me at The Old Pro cheering on the Giants and 49ers.  Eureka!


    Congrats and good luck Mike, we’ll miss you in NYC, see you in SF.

  • Susiemartini

    Welcome Home Mr. Mike!

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