Mark Suster at Columbia

Last week I helped organize an 250+ person evening with Mark Suster at Columbia Business School.  Mark is a venture capitalist in Los Angeles and an active blogger at  In a sentence: Mark killed it.  I’m not going to attempt to add to the great commentary provided by David Lerner (who also served as “question master” for the evening), the recap Mark Davis wrote (Mark D. also gave the intro), or Tobin Schwaiger-Hastanan’s summary (Tobin was the all-star photographer).  As a result, you should really check out their posts at:

With that said, I do give a little thank you in the final minute that will mortify my mother because I dropped an f-bomb and employed other foul language (although, in my defense, I was quoting Mark’s first words to me when we met this past summer).  Anyway, check out the full video:

Side note: this is my first-ever blog post from an airplane.  WordPress is pretty much as slow as it is on the ground, but at least I’ve got a better view from up here.