What I Did on My Summer Vacation

This coming fall, a significant number of American school children will surely participate in the seminal back-to-school exercise of describing what they did on their summer vacations.  Since I’m concluding my last summer vacation ever (sniff, sniff), I figured I would put together some of the highlights of my venture capital internship with Greycroft Partners.  Here’s some of what I did – in no particular order:

Met a ton of people

Just based on the business cards I’ve amassed, I had meetings with over 200 people in about 50 business days.  It’s been crazy, but really fun.  This stack of cards (pictured is the real pile) includes everyone from aspiring entrepreneurs to CEOs of Fortune 500 companies and all sorts of folks in between.

Got entangled with Russian Spies

Okay, okay.  That’s a picture of one of the other Russian spies, but it sure makes for a better image than dowdy Cynthia Murphy‘s mug shot.  Alas, Cynthia Murphy became a very important person in my life not for spying on Greycroft partner Alan Patricof, but because she was nabbed by the U.S. authorities the day before she was supposed to process my payroll paperwork.  When you’re a graduate student in the country’s most expensive city, getting paid on time is a big deal.  Anyway, her arrest meant I got paid two weeks late, but at least it makes for a decent story.

Partied with rap stars

This is embarrassing to admit, but MC Hammer’s album “Please Hammer Don’t Hurt ‘Em” was the first CD I ever bought with my own money.  Weeks of saved allowances went into that purchase, and it was so worth it.  MC Hammer was rad when I was nine years old (oh, and I *might* have also owned a pair of “hammer pants” – awful).  Anyway, since the height of his music career he had a very public decline only to rise again as, in the words of my brother Tim, “the king of Twitter.”  This picture was taken last night at the Ink Hotel and despite MC Hammer’s attire (nobody had a suit jacket on except him and will.i.am), he was very down-to-earth and personable.  I’m glad I liked him because the nine year old me would have been devastated if MC Hammer wasn’t a good guy.

Learned Los Angeles is actually pretty cool

Having grown up in northern California, hating LA is in my blood.  However, spending some time with Greycroft’s Santa Monica-based team when they visited NYC has me realizing there are some awesome people out there.  I still hate the Dodgers and the fact Los Angelenos insist on driving everywhere, but other than that they’re pretty cool.  Here’s Dan “The Danimal” Murillo buying a miniature cupcake.  I wanted to use the much better photo I have of Josh Yang (the LA summer intern and ninja extraordinaire) from a conference, but that pic has been “intentionally misplaced.”

Witnessed @alanjpatricof‘s first tweet

He threw me under the bus and claimed I “forced” him to get on Twitter (not true!), but I still witnessed Alan setting up his account and composing his debut tweet.  I hope he becomes a regular user because if there’s anyone who can maximize the hilarity of 140 characters, it’s him.  Sorry @marissa_alex!

So these are just some of the highlights from a fantastic summer.  I also spent time digging into exciting new sectors, conducting diligence on active deals, and working with portfolio companies, but those activities don’t make for as lively a blog post.  Nonetheless, Greycroft is an awesome place to work.  I learned much more than I ever could have anticipated and picked up a great new crew of friends/colleagues.  Greycroft is also hiring a pre-MBA associate so be sure to apply if you want to join a great team.