Death of the Goodbye Email

Since today was the last day of my school-year internship at DFJ Gotham Ventures, I performed all the typical last day tasks like cleaning out my desk and wrapping up open projects.  One thing I didn’t do, however, was send everyone my contact information.  Maybe I’m old school, but not sending it felt a little strange…

Wow, this was cheesy even by 2005 standards - what was I thinking?

Yet, when I thought about it, emailing around my info didn’t make much sense since I’m already connected with everyone through LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc.  In fact, the “here’s how to reach me” email shown to the right from 2005 was outdated within a month of its sending because I had to change my mobile number for my new job (though I suppose that email address still works).  Nonetheless, it’s obvious that in the five years since this goodbye note, social media has radically transformed the way we interact with one another.

Sure, I was on Facebook then, but that was still 15 months before the company’s introduction of the news feed or status update.  Fast forward to today and I’ll stay abreast of what’s happening at DFJ on a day-by-day basis through the different platforms where we’re already connected.  When someone wants to contact me personally they’ll instinctively turn to places such as LinkedIn, Facebook, or maybe even this website (?!?!) – well, definitely the first two.